Your Network Infrastructure is only as secure as the components that establish and maintain its connectivity to the outside world.  LTC incorporates several industry leading security technologies to keep your network up and running 24/7/365.  If a threat is discovered, an alert is sent to our technicians and the remediation process promptly begins. Threat insights afford us the ability to perform detailed investigations into its source.  So when a site or address is identified as malicious, we can deploy the same block across all client firewalls within a matter of minutes.


We install monitoring agents on every computer and device inside your organization and network to ensure rapid support responses and alerts on incidents that occur during the daily usage of the equipment.  LTC combines both industry leading hardware with software installed on the computer to help protect and maintain your environment.  Analytics and reporting are included with automated or on demand generation that can be included in your Incident Reporting Logs and utilized for HIPAA Security Compliance Audits.