The LTC Team has procedures in place to recover your data in the event of ransomware, data corruption, computer crashes, theft or exfiltration. Multiple layers of redundancy have been established to protect your data by ensuring multiple points of restore and version history. We are partnered with leading offsite backup companies and our technicians are certified in the configuration and disaster recovery process.



Simple, Secure, and Encrypted.  Mozy® truly defines the “set it and forget it” strategy with a bullet proof software that is highly dependable. We have first hand experience with data restores and love to hear the sighs of relief from a client when we tell them, “No worries.  We already have that backed up on Mozy”.  LTC configures the enterprise version that brings new controls and directory synchronization that only works inside your facility to ensure there is no risk of data theft or compromise from anyone outside your network.

Check out this link for information on how Mozy® helps your organization comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.



Amazon has redefined the phrase “cloud computing” and when you engage the LTC Team you get access to a whole new world of the IOT. We can deploy resources at a moment’s notice for encrypted volumes; temporary or permanent hosted servers; or on-site servers using a Storage Gateway.  Data storage costs are minimal and are incremental over time as storage needs increase without having to purchase large blocks of space up front.