The LTC Team takes pride in our ability to quickly respond to a client or their frontline staff for questions or support issues. The remote assistance software we use has a chat feature where your staff can quickly ask for support and we can promptly respond to resolve a problem.  Screen Connect® provides rapid response capabilities – combined with a proprietary encryption technology that ensures regulatory compliance. The same software can also be used to grant secure remote access to a user who needs remote access to resources on your network while out of the office.

In many cases, our monitoring software installed on your computers will alert us to problems that arise (often before the end user is even aware), and then we proactively reach out to the end user to work on the issue. Our deployed technologies combined with thorough documentation allows us to resolve issues quickly so your staff keep their provision of care and services priority.  Our goal is to have a resolution that is already in motion before any potential downtime has occurred for your staff.

Check out this article on how Screen Connect meets regulatory compliance in HIPAA and PCI.