LTC provides tested and certified structured cabling services for a variety of technology applications.  Our investments in staff training and state-of-the-art tools means your end-to-end communications from the patch panel to the wall jack will function effectively for years to come.  Cable is always supported properly and never left lying on ceiling grid, fixtures, or near other sources of potential signal disruption.  In addition, our technicians are highly trained and certified in fire wall penetration systems.  We will provide complete documentation of all penetrations made for your Life Safety Code inspections and reviews.



The backbone of any long distance connection point should be fiber optic. In many cases, we have seen CAT5E or CAT6 exceed the maximum rated distances and cause significant connection and speed issues.  LTC has the equipment to test and analyze your infrastructure in order to determine the best solutions for your infrastructure and telephone system.  We install only the best in fiber optic materials the industry offers.  And since it becomes a permanent infrastructure component along with simple upgrades to the end point hardware; we are able to ensure that any future needs or expansions are easily integrated and cost effective without ever having to change the installed cable.



When it comes to wireless connections and networking equipment, Ubiquiti Networks® and Netgear® are industry leaders.  LTC prefers these networking devices because they are easy to manage and deploy for remote network administration; both offer constant improvements in quality and design; and allow us to keep your network up and running smoothly with no connection drops and substantial coverage throughout your entire building.



The LTC Team works alongside your ISP to connect your network with the outside world.  Often we can assist with troubleshooting loss of service in order to get your system back up and running.  LTC partners with Acceleration to support their development and management of private, engineered fiber optic pathways that can significantly reduce the amount of downtime associated with an ISP outage.